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The World

The World Over Heaven

The World (Alternate Universe)

Spoilers for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven and JoJo Part 6

"Reality... bends to my will!"

~Heaven Ascended DIO


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The World Over Heaven is an ascended version of The World from an alternate Universe where DIO successfully achieved Heaven, that appears in the "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven" game as Heaven Ascension DIO's Stand.

Originally, this Stand was paired with Hamon thanks to The World: Over Heaven's passive ability. However, in an update after it's release, it is no longer able to get the damage buff from Hamon, making it near useless on it now. Spin took it's place thanks to it's low cost and stun, but when the stun on Heaven Ascended Knives and Steel Balls were nerfed, it was dropped too. In recent times, Boxing and Vampirism have become the main specialties, though whether or not others will pop up remains to be seen.

In spite of it's nerfs, The World: Over Heaven has remained as one of YBA's strongest stands. One of the biggest reasons for this is because of its passive, Reality Overwrite. It is among the best passive abilities in the game, allowing the user to ignore defense boosts with attacks done by their Stand and deal true damage (e.g. The World: Over Heaven's M1s will always deal 10.1 damage with maximum destructive power, even if the target has defense passives). Notably, The World: Over Heaven’s Knife Throw has a secondary upgrade. For four skill points, Heaven Ascended Knives can be purchased. This allows its Knife Throw to emit a small, AOE effect which deals minor damage and bypasses block. This move used to stun a target for unfair periods of time, which has since been nerfed, but the block bypassing nature of these knives make them useful in combos.

Other notable moves include Reality Overwriting Punch as it bypasses block, making it a great tool to steal momentum while debuffing the opponent by messing with their hitbox and removing a limb for some time. To top it off, it has a deceptively short cooldown. One of if not the most recognisable move that The World: Over Heaven can perform is Heaven Ascended Smite. It does a large amount of damage, has a massive hitbox, ragdolls the opponent, stand crashes them and can block break. Finally, The World: Over Heaven is notorious for having the longest Time Stop in the game, starting off at five seconds at base level and having a maximum of nine seconds. If an enemy is caught in a Time Stop, they can expect to lose half of their health almost instantly.

Even though it is a very strong stand, there are numerous downsides. Reality Overwriting Punch cannot be used without care as it is both parryable and cancellable, making it a high risk-high reward move. The World: Over Heaven’s healing moves are the second weakest in the game (Injury Overwrite in particular having a very long cooldown of 55 seconds, and healing a very insignificant amount). Heaven Ascended Smite can also be cancelled upon startup and having a longer cooldown. Time Stop, like all the others, can be cancelled if you are hit during the windup. Finally, it is currently the costliest Stand in all of YBA, clocking in at a massive 75 skill points, 5 more than other notorious high cost Stands like Killer Queen: Bites the Dust, Star Platinum: The World and D4C: Love Train.

The World: Over Heaven has consistently been meta and widely used thanks to its numerous advantages and powerful, consistent DPS, and continues to be a very powerful stand.

Total Skill Points: 75 Points

How to Obtain[]

This Stand is obtained with 3 steps. First, you need to find DIO´s diary on the game map and read it with base The World. The diary will give you the first quest, where you must win 25 matches in the 1v1 mode. Finish that and read the diary again for the second quest, where you have to kill 50 players in Steel Ball Run. After that, you have to collect all Saint's Corpse Parts (redeemed and normal are both accepted) and talk to Jotaro Kujo. He will teleport you to Heaven Ascension DIO in order to get DIO's Bone. After getting DIO's Bone, you will have to go to The Tallest Peak near the Train Station. After getting to the top of it, resummon your The World, achieving The World Over Heaven. You do not require any Worthiness to do this. Upon obtaining this stand, the DIO's Diary used to get The World Over Heaven as well as DIO's Bone will both be removed from you inventory.

*Note: You need at least Prestige 2+ to have all the corpse parts.

Tips and Tricks to Obtain TWOH[]

1st quest: Win 25 games in the 1v1's gamemode.

Use a stand you work best with. Using a stand that you're good at can help you win 1v1s especially with people who aren't good at 1v1s or using weaker stands than yours. Some of the best include evolved stands, Star Platinum, C-Moon, Made in Heaven, Magician's Red, etc. Any stand that you are good at can work very well, even stands like Mr. President, so do not get discouraged if you do not have any of these. Sadly, kill trading does not work anymore as the first quest was changed from 50 kills to 25 wins. So you will need to put in effort to win 25 matches. There aren’t any solid tips or tricks other than to just get a grip and learn the ins and outs. Good luck!

2nd Quest: Kill 50 players in Steel Ball Run

Here, you have two ways of getting kills, you can kill trade or get kills by wiping. When kill trading, it is recommended to look for kill traders in Casual mode because there are a lot of people wanting to kill trade, some people lack PVP experience, and some people don't really want to win either, which is the opposite of Competitive mode. When kill trading, there is a great risk of getting scammed of your kill. This happens when the kill trader doesn't reset with you, where they will get a free kill and you don't. So, be careful, or just choose the second, more violent option. When wiping, it is recommended to form a team. When claiming kills, you have to be the player that dealt the most damage to the target, so using stands that deal immense damage like The Hand, Anubis or Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap can help significantly. Wiping can also help you more easily obtain a Corpse Part if you win, which helps in the next quest for unlocking TWOH. You can have your teammates let you kill them at the end of SBR as well if they allow it. (You have to kill 50 DIFFERENT people so if it doesn't work, then your teammate had already given you a kill). This quest could take a long time so you might want to have some patience with it. In addition, there are plenty of guides and useful information on YouTube, that you can check out to get better. Don’t lose your cool!

3rd Quest: Obtain DIO's Bone by defeating Heaven Ascension DIO in the Heaven Arena

It is not recommended to do the MiH quest alongside this, as if you do the MiH quest it will reset the TWOH quest and vice-versa.

There are a lot of good stands for killing Heaven Ascension DIO, but as long as you know his attack patterns, any stand would work. Using Hamon with The Hand for example does outrageous damage, and will help kill Heaven Ascension DIO quicker. You could also use Star Platinum: The World for this quest, as it is regarded as one of the best stands for farming bosses. The best tip for this quest is to get some experience with fighting him first. Memorising his attack patterns is very advantageous. You could also ask friends for help. One of the biggest issues people have with this quest is the amount of time it takes to obtain DIO's Bone. Instead of a guaranteed drop, there is a chance for acquiring it. Not to mention how time consuming it is to kill this tanky boss. If he kills you, you have to climb all the way up to the tallest peak again. Good luck!

4th Quest: Stand on top of The Tallest Peak in Naples with DIO's Bone and DIO's Diary in your inventory, and summon The World to complete the Heaven Plan.

Upon completing this step, you will glow with orange light coming from the heavens, before a server-wide flash of white light occurs blinding everyone for a short while regardless of where they are. After the flash, The World: Over Heaven will be summoned in place of The World.


Passive - Reality Overwrite: Any damage that TWOH does will be "True", meaning it will bypass all passive defense buffs the enemy may have. This stacks with the Pluck M1 buff and also to the user's spec's damage.

LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown deals 10.1 damage at max Destructive Power and can be done in quick succession 5 times, ultimately dealing a whopping 50.5 damage if all hit.

E - Stand Barrage: TWOH does a powerful and fast barrage, dealing 1.7 damage per hit with max Destructive Power.

R - Barrage Finisher: TWOH throws a heavy punch that ragdolls, dealing 20.1 damage.

T - Knife Throw: TWOH throws a knife which deals 8.1 damage. This can be upgraded to 3 knives, and getting the Heavenly Knives passive will provide a small AoE for your knives that bypasses block and cannot be parried. The downside is a longer cooldown.

Y - Reality Overwriting Punch: TWOH throws a punch similar to a Barrage Finisher, but this time TWOH overwrites the opponent and can bypass block. This deals 20.1 damage, has stun, and can cripple as well as randomize the opponent's body shape similar to Chariot Requiem’s Conqueror's Will and Made in Heaven's Universe Reset. However, this move has a longer windup and is still able to be perfect blocked.

U - Self Injury Overwrite: TWOH Overwrites the user's injuries, healing 36.9 HP (scales according to Midas Touch upgrades), removing all status effects, and recovering any missing limbs.

No upgrade: 18 heal

Midas Touch 1: 24.3 heal

Midas Touch 2: 30.6 heal

Midas Touch 3: 36.9 heal

X - Injury Overwrite: TWOH goes in front of the user, but instead of damaging, it heals whoever is hit for 36.9 HP (scales according to Midas Touch upgrades), as well as restoring all missing limbs similar to Gold Experience's Distribute Life.

G - Heaven Ascended Smite: TWOH slams the ground with lightning from the heavens and causes powerful AoE damage, dealing 35 damage to anyone hit with high knockback and ragdoll. This move can be cancelled if hit during startup frames, but instantly breaks guard and cannot be parried. This move is great for ending combos.

Z - Time Skip: TWOH uses its Time Stop ability to teleport the user in the direction of their cursor.

H - The World: TWOH stops time, freezing people in place. During this time, you may move freely, escape from situations, hit anybody without much punishment, etc. You cannot run during TS or use Time Skip. After time starts moving again, all damage you dealt to anybody currently frozen will be dealt to them immediately. Time Stop has a longer cooldown of 1 minute and 10-second cooldown. Every upgrade adds about 1 second to the Time Stop duration, the max being around 9 seconds and like all Timestop stands, it also has a 50% damage cap.

The World - 1

Time Stop Mastery 1 [6 Seconds of Stopped Time]

Time Stop Mastery 2 [7 Seconds of Stopped Time]

Time Stop Mastery 3 [8 Seconds of Stopped Time]

Time Stop Mastery 4 [9 Seconds of Stopped Time]

Combos and Tips[]

The World Over Heaven/Combos and Tips


  • This Stand was added on 1/29/2021 alongside Made in Heaven.
  • TWOH and KCR are the only Non-Canon Stands featured in Your Bizarre Adventure.
  • Due to its namesake being a light novel, TWOH is technically the first and so far only stand in Your Bizarre Adventure to reference the JoJo light novels, although the Made In Heaven skin "One Above All" references a Stand, "Made In Heaven: Ultimate Requiem" from the Jorge Joestar novel.
  • The World: Over Heaven was discovered in the game files before it was released. This leak caused many to believe it was being added, but the YBA staff team played it off as "bait" for leakers. However, it was added to the game not too long afterwards, meaning the YBA team was lying about it being bait.
  • Initially, you needed to kill 50 players in 1v1's to complete the first quest. However due to kill traders, this has changed, and it is now 25 wins.
  • The reason for the TWOH quest needing you to win 25 1v1s and kill 50 people in SBR is because it was made to be a more difficult counterpart to killing 100 NPCs for Made in Heaven.
  • Obtaining TWOH rewards the player with Heaven Ascension DIO's Hair. You can also get this hair for killing Heaven Ascension DIO. Similar to this, you can get Joe v3(cosmetic) by killing Jotaro Kujo Part 6 (Boss).
  • TWOH's Mirage of Phantoms (see: Skins) skin is considered the most valuable skin in the game since its release in the 2022 Halloween Event, as it is the first limited TWOH skin. The reason MiH skins, even if they are limited, are worth less is because the MiH quest can be done repeatedly very easily, as you only need to kill some NPCs, Heaven Ascended DIO and Jotaro Kujo P6 for MiH. TWOH requires you to win 25 1v1s and 50 SBR kills which is definitely more difficult. Another reason for this difference in value is because more people play TWOH compared to MiH, so demand for TWOH skins are higher.
  • When the stand was first added, it was the most powerful stand in the game. It did not have a damage cap in time stop combined with its absurd damage and the passive ability Reality Overwrite made TWOH absolutely broken. On release it worked with Hamon, allowing you to deal even more damage. Since then it no longer works and was instead used with Spin, then Boxing.
  • Reality Overwriting Punch used to be one of the best moves in the game. Unfortunately, it got nerfed a lot. The deformation time has been decreased and no longer stuns.
  • The World Over Heaven is now often paired with the Boxing style, generally for combos, but also for damage and tankiness.
  • Although Non-Canon, The World Over Heaven is the strongest stand in the franchise.
  • Part 6 spoilers:
Spoilers! The following reveals important elements of the plot.
Pucci needed Green Baby because DIO was dead and The World was a requirement for the original Heaven Plan, Green Baby is made from DIO's Bone as a substitute for The World. There are many inaccuracies in The Way to Heaven in YBA such as the fact that Jotaro Disc is not required because in Eyes of Heaven, DIO's Diary was burned and only Jotaro remembered the content of DIO's Diary. With DIO's Diary, you don't need Jotaro Disc.
  • Eyes Of Heaven (Game) spoilers:
Spoilers! The following reveals important elements of the plot.
In the Jojo Game Eyes of Heaven, there was an alternate timeline Dio, who defeated the Joestars instead of losing to them, and retained his greatest high, continuing to carry on his Heaven Plan with Pucci, and managed to achieve heaven. With his new stand, he erased the entire universe and made it his own, and everyone follows his orders. Later on, the events of Steel Ball Run was near the end, where Valentine was under the case of the Infinite Rotation. Valentine was searching through this dimensions because he was attempting to escape the infinite rotation. During his search, he found Heaven Ascension Dio's world, and Dio used his power of the stand to rewrite Valentine to the point he never had the Infinite Rotation on him. Valentine told Dio about how Dio's world is merely an alternate universe that branches off the main universe, and about the Saint's Corpse Parts, and that all the corpse parts lie in a 'Base World'. Because Dio already conquered his own universe, he decided to travel to the main universe as well. This is what lead to the events in Eyes Of Heaven, and later the fall of Heaven Ascension Dio in Jotaro's hands.


The World Over Heaven's First Skin, RTWOH (Epic)

The World Over Heaven's Second Skin, Lightbringer (Legendary)

The World Over Heaven's Third Skin, The Waifu Over Heaven (Legendary)

The World Over Heaven's Fourth and First Limited Skin, Mirage Of Phantoms (Epic) [Limited Halloween 2022]


Getting TWOH

TWOH Knives

TWOH Reality Overwrite

TWOH Heaven Ascended Smite

TWOH's Skill Tree

The World Over Heaven (2024)


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